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The GeoSMS name

So you’ve figured out a way to geotag SMSes. What are you going to call it? GeoSMS of course. Too bad everyone else had the same idea. Here are all the examples of GeoSMS we’ve come across – The GeoSMS … Continue reading

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A history of SMS geotagging

When we were designing the GeoSMS standard we looked around for other examples of SMS geotagging to see if it had already been done. It turns out there were quite a few previous applications, but nothing with a published standard. … Continue reading

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Garmin XT

It looks like Garmin have published their own standard, the Garmin PeerPoint Messaging System, for SMS-based communication between devices running Garmin XT. A message encoded with version 2 of their standard might look like this – <GarminLoc>Meet me at Taco … Continue reading

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A competing standard

Although I think we’re the first to publish a standard for geotagging SMSes, we weren’t the first to start developing one. The Open GeoSMS standard was first proposed by ITRI (Taiwan’s Industrial Technology Research Institute) in 2008, and is currently … Continue reading

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Updated Android app

A new version of the I Am Here application has been released to the Android Market. Two minor changes – Improved the font size on hi-res handsets Added the option of displaying distances in imperial units

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The GeoSMS wikipedia page has finally been approved. It’s amazing what a successful media release can do to shape reality! I’ve also updated the Geo URI and geotagging pages.

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Media coverage

These days there are plenty of tools for tracking the progress of a media release. Google lets you search the web, news, and blogs. There’s Twitter search, Android Market download stats, and WordPress page views. And RMIT uses a media … Continue reading

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