The GeoSMS wikipedia page has finally been approved. It’s amazing what a successful media release can do to shape reality!

I’ve also updated the Geo URI and geotagging pages.


About geosms

A PhD Candidate in Geospatial Sciences, at RMIT's School of Mathematical and Geospatial Sciences.
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2 Responses to Wikipedia

  1. Capt. sQuidd says:

    I have started using GeoTagging to allow sailors to send their position updates to Facebook from a Satellite Phone using an SMS message when at sea. See Unfortunately, the process of typing in coordinates on a satellite phone like Iridium or Globalstar is still a bit cumbersome. Does any one know of any satellite phone (or plans to develop one) that enables the pasting of geo coordinates into an SMS message with a keystroke or simple command? Most recent models include a GPS so it should be a fairly simple feature to implement

    • geosms says:

      I’m not really familiar with the satellite phone market, so I can’t help. But you’d be looking for a phone which allows applications to be installed. Ideally Android-based, but if it has an OS of any kind you should be able to write an app for it.

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