The GeoSMS name

So you’ve figured out a way to geotag SMSes. What are you going to call it? GeoSMS of course. Too bad everyone else had the same idea.

Here are all the examples of GeoSMS we’ve come across –

  1. The GeoSMS standard. That’s us. Our Android application is called I Am Here.
  2. The Open GeoSMS Standard Working Group at the Open Geospatial Consortium. Their application is called OpenGeoSMSer.
  3. The GeoSMS Android application, published by Geeksville Industries.
  4. The GeoSMS Google Maps mashup that displays SMSes at their tagged location.
  5. The GeoSMS HTML5 web application.
  6. The geosms server-side application, part of the InSTEDD Golden Shadow project.
  7. The GeoSMS 1.0 Java application for mobile. According to the blurb “Send and receive sms in your language. For example: Georgian, Armenian, Azeri,
    chinese etc.”
  8. The geo sms blogspot blog. Not sure why it’s called geo sms. May geo has a special meaning in Urdu.

All very confusing. I’m thinking maybe we should have called our standard GeoTXT instead.


About geosms

A PhD Candidate in Geospatial Sciences, at RMIT's School of Mathematical and Geospatial Sciences.
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1 Response to The GeoSMS name

  1. mattjs says:

    Why not rename it to “GeoTXT” then since your standard effectively resides at all that is needed is a change of the article!
    Otherwise it will get taken over anyway buy the OGC’s “GeoSMS” when it gets finalized!
    (BTW: I agree with you and I also am not impressed with their standardization attempts so “GeoTXT” adequately describes the “textability” of your simpler alternative.)
    BTW: I had to change the “u=16” at Wikipedia to “u=10” as it instantly makes one think of some kind of 8 versus 16 Unicode descriptor instead!

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